Accreditation of journalists for the Sochi home games

Media representatives shall submit an application on the official letterhead of their agency, addressed to the general director of the football club Sochi Mr. Rubashko Dmitry Viktorovich. The application shall be signed by the head of the media agency, attested by the official seal, and shall include the following information:

● full name of the media agency;

● surnames, first names, patronymics of media representatives assigned to work at football matches, their contact details, with mandatory description of accreditation type per each media representative (correspondent / newspaper journalist), contact phone number of the applicant;

● photo of each accredited person, size: 3x4 cm, against a light uniform background, face must be shown in frontal view.

Please send the application drawn in this way to the e-mail address: (scanned copy).

Individuals applying for accreditation, but who are not media representatives (for example bloggers), must send detailed information on themselves (name, social networks, contacts, job profile) in free form to the email address:
In addition to application for accreditation, all media representatives must also complete an access form to the Fisht Stadium. The link to the form is available here: Please note that if no access form is provided, your application for accreditation will not be considered.
Submission of applications for one-time accreditations (accreditation for one match) closes 50 hours prior the start of the game.

Football club Sochi reminds that the application does not guarantee the accreditation. The press service of the club reserves the right not to grant accreditation without explaining the reasons. 

Entrance for media representatives to the stadium, work procedure (during the period of restrictions on TINKOFF matches of the Russian Premier League, accreditation is granted in pavilion No. 7, media representatives shall enter the stadium 1 hour 30 minutes before the start of the game).

Media representatives can enter the stadium through pavilion No. 7. To enter the stadium it is necessary to obtain accreditation at the Southern (Yuzhny) ticket office (ticket office that faces the sea side, the window with a signage "Issuance of accreditations and invitations"). Accreditations are issued on the day of the game. Writing journalists can enter the stadium 2 hours before the starting whistle. There is a press center on the territory of the stadium on the match days. Writing journalists can get pre-match magazines and protocols for the game, photographers and news cameramen can get additional attributes of accreditation and shirt-fronts for shooting on the football field.


Access to the field is open only from the side of the press center.

 Please follow the signs and arrows in the premises under grandstands. The regulations of Russian Premier League allow photographers to work till the starting whistle in the teams, exit zone, and during the match behind advertising structures around the field in sectors B and D. The movement of photographers from one sector to another is possible only before the start of the game or during the match interval. Photographing from the side of sector C is allowed from the goal line of the field till the boundaries of the penalty area. Entering the field, taking photographs from spectators? seats and media operations in the sector A are strictly prohibited in accordance with the Russian Premier League regulations. In case of these rules violation, media workers may be deprived of their accreditations and expelled from the stadium.


After the final whistle the media representatives who operate on the field and at the media grandstand are invited to the hall for the press conferences. At the same time, journalists can go to the mixed zone to get interviews from the match participants. At the end of the post-match press conference, the press center continues its work for two hours after.