«Dynamo» leave Sochi without scoring points. The victory of «Sochi» – 2:1

«Dynamo» leave Sochi without scoring points. The victory of «Sochi» – 2:1

«Dynamo» leave Sochi without scoring points. The victory of «Sochi» – 2:1

«Dynamo» leave Sochi without scoring points. The victory of «Sochi» – 2:1

In the match of the championship of Russia «Sochi» won «Dynamo» with a score of 2:1.

The ninth tour of the World RPL opened the match in which «Sochi» hosted «Dynamo» in its field. The last time the teams met was in May in the battle for the silver medals of the 2021/22 Russian Championship. Then the «leopards» outplayed the «Dynamo» away with a score of 5:1. But that was a completely different story. The previous meeting of the teams in the south ended in the defeat of the hosts - 0:1.

As part of the central match of the tour the singer Yolka performed for all the fans at the «Fisht». Immediately after a small concert, the teams entered the field. The greeting ended with an award - the statuettes were received by the author of the best goal of the month Artur Yusupov and «LEON the best player of the month» Denis Adamov. The goalkeeper was chosen by the fans based on the results of voting in the club telegram channel.

Soslan Dzhanaev took the place at the gate. Artyom Meshchaninov, Vanya Drkushich and Igor Yurganov were on the defensive. Along the edges – Timofey Margasov and Artyom Makarchuk. Defensive midfielder – Christian Noboa and Sergey Terekhov. Ahead – Artur Yusupov and Nikita Burmistrov. On the cutting edge – Georgy Melkadze.

2’ Start of the match
Great start to the match! The teams immediately exchange dangerous attacks. Sochi onslaught on the gates of the guests ends with Makarchuk's header in the far top corner. The ball flies higher.

6’ GOAL Sochi – 1:0
«Sochi» players play a beautiful attack and finish it with a goal scored. Terekhov is the first on the ball after Yusupov long throw, transfers the ball to Burmistrov, and Nikita gives a touch to Melkadze. Georgy opens the scoring in the match with an accurate shot to the bottom corner of the goal.

10’ Sochi goal canceled
Georgy Melkadze strikes a beautiful shot through himself from outside the goalkeeper's area. Anton Shunin manages to react and hit the ball. Burmistrov is the first to take the rebound and doubles the score, but the referee calls the midfielder offside.

11’ GOAL Sochi – 2:0
Christian Noboa kicks the ball into the «Dynamo» goal after an accurate pass by Georgy Melkadze. No chance.

32’ Sochi attack
«Sochi» continue to organize a fire in the «Dynamo» penalty area. This time Nikita Burmistrov demonstrates excellent dribbling and puts the Muscovites' defense to work. But it doesn't end with a dangerous blow.

39’ «Dynamo» goal – 2:1
Denis Makarov robbed Dzhanaev at our gates and reduced the difference in the score.

50' Second half
After the break, the game calmed down. «Sochi» continue to attack the gates of the guests, but so far it has not been possible to bring the chances to the third goal.

56' Attack «Sochi»
Artur Yusupov single-handedly breaks into the penalty area of the guests, beats the defenders and earns another corner. After Noboa's filing, the the «Dynamo» players carry the ball to the «Sochi» half of the field.

88' «Sochi» substitutions
The coaching staff is making changes ahead. Kirill Ushatov appears on the field instead of Georgy Melkadze. Early Nikita Burmistrov was replaced by Vladislav Sarveli.

The victory of «Sochi» with a score of 2:1.